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    • Video intro to DNA healing & activation

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    Get ready to launch into a higher dimension.

    • Video DNA Intention setting in water

    • Audio DNA Healing & Activation Session

    • Video - post talk on session

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Founder of Integrative Quantum Healing

Harry Kroner

Harry Kroner is a catalyst of spiritual awakening, ascension, and deep personal healing. He is the founder of Infinite Ascension Academy and originator of Integrative Quantum Healing. Bringing a unique blend of techniques together that work on all levels of your being. Emerging as a leading expert in spiritual hypnotherapy, helping people experience the higher dimensions within themselves, reaching wisdom, healing, purpose and deeper lessons about this life and other lives. He has a masters in psychology, and received extensive training in hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, life coaching, energy healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Beyond Quantum Healing, and more. He has helped thousands of individuals bring peace and growth into their lives in his office in Prescott Arizona, online, and teaching around the world through his courses, and workshops.