Why is Working with Your Inner Child Important?

One of the most powerful things you can do is to connect and heal your inner child. Turn yourself into your most powerful and loving ally to that child within that needs support, love, acknowledgement, comforting, and to be heard. No matter how hard or easy your childhood has been it is within your power to make peace with those unresolved beliefs, emotions, and trauma. It does not have to be hard or painful, in fact it is quite liberating. Join me on this deeply experiential workshop and begin to explore how you can support and manage your own healing and growth process in a safe and loving manner. We will first discuss the concepts and approach and then we will go within. Working with your inner child is a powerful gift for oneself. Gift yourself this approach and skill so you can continuously remove the wounds, limitations, and powerlessness from your divine system. For it is during our childhood that we fell from grace, and found ourselves helpless, defeated, oppressed, or limited by other. In response we have dimmed our light and made ourselves smaller and less powerful than we really are. This process of connecting with your inner child will empower you to restore this deep recognition of who you are, who and how you were meant to be. It is our task to regain and heal the distortions that have taken place and turned into beliefs about ourselves that reflected a moment in time and turned into a lifetime of false belief about ourselves. It is time to love, support, and rekindle the connection and relationship with ourselves. Be gentle, be powerful, be YOU!

Course curriculum

    1. What is Inner-Child Work all about?

    2. Inner Child Experience

    3. Post Discussion and sharing of experiences by participants

About this course

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