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Are YOU ready to embark on the biggest and most profound journey of your life? In this monthly membership you will receive a place for all of your ascension and self mastery needs: * Two "How to" workshops every month on fascinating topics. * Community of like minded people * Forum to explore and share deeper concepts. ...and more. Please watch the videos below to get a better and more fuller idea of what this is about.
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Introductory Video on Membership

In this video I explain the outline of this membership

Watch Intro Video

Full 1 hour Q & A discussion on this program

In this video I go deeper into what you will get from joining us.

Topics & Themes Covered

Here is a partial list of the experiences you will have:

  • How to Connect & Work With Your Higher-Self & Spirit Guides

  • Deep Emotional Release & Clearing Old Patterns

  • DNA Activation, Upgrading & Healing Chambers

  • Past Life Regression & Akashic Records

  • Your Mission & Purpose

  • Galactic Family, Spirit Guides & Light Being Connection

  • Inner Child Work & Self Love

  • Divine-Self, Sovereignty & Oneness

  • A Private Community Forum to Share & Discuss With Like-Minded People